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Companies & Animal Testing

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When you shop for personal and household products, do you think about animal testing? Are you familiar with reading labels to find out if the product is cruelty free so you don't support cruelty to animals via animal testing? If not, there's hope for you. Check out BFP's Cruelty Cutter app and download it today! It's a *must have* for any caring consumer.

Aside from the welfare of animals, did you know that your skin is your biggest organ and that the "affordable" products at Walmart, Target and every other retail and grocery store only sell products that are FILLED with chemicals! Yes they are affordable and in demand but full of toxic ingredients! Toxic chemicals are found in just about any household and personal product; detergents, body wash, soap, cleaners, etc. unless they state otherwise. 

The price may be convenient now but you may end up paying more later when it starts to affect your health. It's very wise to read labels to see if products align with your values -- and if they don't do research to find products that do. 


If companies didn't use toxic chemicals in their products, then they wouldn't have to subject innocent and helpless animals to wasteful, inhumane and unreliable animal testing practices. The closest thing to natural is best, for the animals, for your skin and for your health. 

Chemicals are toxic and should be avoided--absolutely no question about it. To prove my point only more, more and more companies are becoming aware of this issue, mainly in regards to the use of Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Parabens, see these links for more information:

4 Dangerous Personal Care Product Ingredients

Parabens and SLS

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